Sunday, October 19, 2014

Red Ribbon Week: Oct 27-31

  • Monday - RED-y for an alcohol and drug free ALL-STAR life! – Red out and wear your Converse All-Stars
  • Tuesday - Dreaming of a Tobacco Free Life! – Wear pajamas
  • Wednesday - Too Bright to do Drugs! – Wear neon
  • Thursday - On the Hunt for a Drug Free Life! – Safari Day (Wear animal print)
  • Friday - Stand with the Seniors to Scare Off Drugs! – Halloween Costume
*All costuming and dress-up must be within dress code. NO leggings without skirt length coverage, Nike shorts, caps/hats that don’t conform to theme, or costuming that is not school appropriate due to length, appearance, or subject matter. If you don’t think it is school appropriate, then it probably isn’t, so DON’T wear it.