Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Registration is open July 1st - July 15th. You will be contacted before August 5th to let you know you have a parking spot and how to pick up your permit.

If you are an 11th or 12th grade student you are eligible to apply for a parking space. You will go through a brief slideshow that will have quiz questions throughout. Upon successful completion of the Parking Information Training you will be able to register up to 2 vehicles that you intend to drive to school.

Make sure that you have gathered all the necessary documents/data to fully complete the online form at the end of the course.

You will need the following information to complete the application:
  1. Vehicles: Make, Model, Color, License Plate #
  2. Student's drivers license number including expiration date, school ID number and grade level
  3. Insurance Company name, policy number and expiration date
  4. Shared Parking: If you plan on sharing a parking space, you will need the grade level, first and last name of the student you will be sharing the space with. This student must also complete the Parking Information Training and registration of their vehicles. Both students need to enter each other’s name. Only one needs to pay the $75 fee.
Click Here for a printable copy of the Parking Information

The PowerPoint will be available online July 1st -July 15th. Once you complete the Parking Rules and Regulations Training in the PowerPoint you will see the link to register for parking. Be sure to pay $75 through MySchoolBucks after registering for parking.