Sunday, October 1, 2017

MHS Parking Spot Painting

Paint your parking spot at MHS! An application, your design and a payment of $25 is due before or when you paint. Pick up the forms in N9212 or Mrs. Millers office or download in the link below. ***No makeup paint days will be scheduled. If weather permits, painting will occur on each or all of these dates.  Cost: $25 payable by cash or check (make checks payable to MHS)
Scheduled Painting Days:
Saturday 9/30 9am-4pm
Sunday 10/1 4pm-7pm
Friday 10/20 4pm-7pm
Saturday 10/21 9am-4pm

Materials needed:
  • WATER BASED EXTERIOR LATEX paint is the ONLY paint that can be used(available at Jim’s Hardware, Walmart, Sherwin Williams, Lowes, or Home Depot.)
  • Water based primer paint/base coat for concrete if desired (if parking space in unpainted, base coat usually requires 1 gallon of paint/paint on with roller for fastest application)
  • Paint brushes and/or paint rollers
  • Paint pans
  • Blue painters tape (4 inches wide or 2 inches wide taped twice)
  • Drop cloths
  • A bag for your trash
  • Umbrellas, water, sunscreen, lawn chairs
Other important information:
  • Parking spots must be washed and painted over (if necessary) by May 21st, 2018or you will be charged at $50 unclear fee to cover cleaning the spot.
  • You must not paint any closer than 4 INCHES to the white line and no closer than 4 INCHES above the parking spot number. Please use blue painters tape to ensure that the border is accomplished.
  • No spray paint, oil based paints, splatter paint, fluorescent paint,reflective paint, clear coat, or glitter.
  • There are NO ALTERNATE dates for parking spot painting.
  • Paintings must be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE. Think of your space like a t-shirt that you can wear to school. You must turn in the design for your space prior to painting. Your parking space must match the submitted design. If it does not, parking permits will be taken away. (NO DOUBLE ENTENDRES)
  • You must turn in registration form including the design and payment before you paint. Registration and design approval will take place on painting days. You may turn in registration and payment early to Mrs. Zuehlke in N212.
If you have questions about your parking painting please contact